Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oldham One Business Awards

Well what a splendid night this was! So many talented individuals and groups were present all worthy of the awards being handed out. The night started off with a little get together of the different companies and individuals, also the miniaturised casino where people could spend the customised money, the person with the biggest amount of money by the time we all had to sit down won the main prize of a Porsche 911 for a week and the runner up a bottle of champagne. Our students were up there on the stage who had been asked on short notice to perform some musical entertainment for us to start the night with. As we all sat down we had an energiser come on stage, we had to answer some general knowledge questions, true or false, and the last person left standing won a bottle of champagne. The meal set out for the night was delicious didn’t exactly fill my stomach though (as I found the portion sizes small).

The winners were all most deserving of the awards they received, the categories were being presented are:-

·         Young Entrepreneur of the year - Aaron Welby
·         Retailer - Alexandra Jewellers
·         Best Start Up Business - Caremark Oldham and Tameside
·         Business Man - Gavin Wheeldon of Applied Language Solutions
·         Business Woman - Val Simpson of Face & Body Shop
·         Environmental Best Practice - Diodes Zetex Semiconductors
·         Innovation and Design - Gareth Stone of Stonerig Raceway
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of under £1 million) - Fresca Restaurants Ltd
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of £1 - £5 Million) - Optima Cars Ltd
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of £5 Million+) - OMC Ford

A further award was also presented to Martyn Torr for their Contribution to the Community.

       Overall the night was fantastic two great performers keeping us entertained throughout the night. They go by the names of Martin Toal and Emily Beth.

But yeah I think I’ve rambled on enough so I’ll leave you to get on with your lives.