Thursday, 12 July 2012

Student Union 12/13 planning day has gone really well! Discussed our plans and key targets for the new academic year, and what we want to achieve as a Union. Can't wait for our next meeting on the 28th August!

London's Calling

Look, you made tonights newspaper -
Thursday 12th July 2012

Oldham College Student Representatives and Student Union visited 'the corridors of power' whilst on a two day trip to London. The trip focused on the tour of parliament and a meeting with our local MP's Debbie Abrahams and Micheal Meacher. Students and staff found the tour very interesting and enjoyed the question time with the MP's.

Whilst in London the students also visited City Hall, the gates of Buckingham Palace and theatre show Wicked at the Apollo Victoria.

We enjoyed our trip to the capital, visited places that we wouldn't have thought to visit and took in a theatre show - where the performance / set and effects wowed us all. A brilliant but tiring trip!
(You can see who fell asleep on the train home on our twitter link and previous blog!)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Boris Johnson "Wiff Waff" Speech

Join our campaign for table tennis in the Green Room and Enrichment!

Boris is behind us!

Lets bring 'Waff Waff' home!

Check it out.....

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our SU President Mo passes on the baton to our new President Stephen for 12/13 @ Westminster Hall. Thanks Mo for all your hard work!

London 2012!!!

What a fantastic trip!!!! 20 Student Representatives and members of the Student Union took the train down to London as part of our work. Not only did we visit City Hall and meet the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Education, we had a tour of the Houses of Parliament, met with our local area MPs and had a great time!!!!

The Houses of Parliament were very impressive.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Stained Glass Window

Steve and Adam having a debate in Westminster Hall.

A great discussion at City Hall with Munira Mirza, Deptuy Mayor for Education and Culture.

Ian was hoping to play the Piano. Luckily it was locked haha! 

Not only did we learn a lot, we also managed to take in show and watched Wicket at the Victoria Apollo Theatre.


MILK ?!?!

The journey home :-(

The End!