Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ribia & Mo manning the stand

The We Heart OC campaign is way that we can find out ehat students love about the college and listen to any suggestions that they might have for the college. We are also encouraging students (staff included) to bin their litter!

Gaynor's handing out sweets
Below are pictures from the campaign with some of the key members of College Staff.
Alun Francis,Principal & Chief Executive & Mo 
Mo & some of the Learning Mentors Team

Mo & members of The Quailty Team
The LIVE Team & MO
Student Finace Team & Mo

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Learner Satisfaction Survey

As a learner who receives training which is partly or wholly funded by the Skills Funding Agency Employer-Responsive funding stream, we're asking you to take part in a survey.

This is a vital tool for measuring how we provide and deliver quality training and how the training benefits you and your organisation.

The Learner Satisfaction Survey for 2011/12 runs from 19 December 2011 to 25 May 2012.

To log-in to the survey you will need to enter the Oldham College provider number and your Personal Learner ID number.

You can get these numbers from the Green Room, or from your tutor.

Please follow this link to start the survey

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hi Guys,

Just had a meeting with the Principal and Chief Executive of the College, Alun Francis, this is one of many regular meetings we’re going to have. The outcome of the meeting was great; five points were concluded and are going to be taken forward. The number one point being that we are to have a quick briefing of the agenda beforehand for Student Governor’s so that we have a better understanding of the meetings, and can have more input.

We discussed the charity/campaigns that we could support in academic year 2012/2013, such as the fight against human trafficking for example.

Then I brought up the idea of having mixed tutorials so that we could have different courses mixing together. This way all students will be able to work with other students who aren’t on their course. This joint working could be about new ideas, suggestions, shared practises and improved group work.

Alun made a great suggestion of having a sponsored obstacle course race at the start of academic year 2012/2013. This way we can raise money in a fantastic way for the college charity/campaign right at the start of the year.

The final point discussed was to make a regular meeting for a student from each class to meet with their Curriculum Leader. The Curriculum Leader will be able to provide an update for the student to feedback to other students, and for the student to make suggestions for improvements in their education.

It was a very positive meeting with Alun, which can lead to some exciting to developments. I look forward to the next one on Tuesday 29th May!

That’s it for now.

Student Rep Forum Meeting tomorrow!! J

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oldham One Business Awards

Well what a splendid night this was! So many talented individuals and groups were present all worthy of the awards being handed out. The night started off with a little get together of the different companies and individuals, also the miniaturised casino where people could spend the customised money, the person with the biggest amount of money by the time we all had to sit down won the main prize of a Porsche 911 for a week and the runner up a bottle of champagne. Our students were up there on the stage who had been asked on short notice to perform some musical entertainment for us to start the night with. As we all sat down we had an energiser come on stage, we had to answer some general knowledge questions, true or false, and the last person left standing won a bottle of champagne. The meal set out for the night was delicious didn’t exactly fill my stomach though (as I found the portion sizes small).

The winners were all most deserving of the awards they received, the categories were being presented are:-

·         Young Entrepreneur of the year - Aaron Welby
·         Retailer - Alexandra Jewellers
·         Best Start Up Business - Caremark Oldham and Tameside
·         Business Man - Gavin Wheeldon of Applied Language Solutions
·         Business Woman - Val Simpson of Face & Body Shop
·         Environmental Best Practice - Diodes Zetex Semiconductors
·         Innovation and Design - Gareth Stone of Stonerig Raceway
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of under £1 million) - Fresca Restaurants Ltd
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of £1 - £5 Million) - Optima Cars Ltd
·         Business of the Year (Turnover of £5 Million+) - OMC Ford

A further award was also presented to Martyn Torr for their Contribution to the Community.

       Overall the night was fantastic two great performers keeping us entertained throughout the night. They go by the names of Martin Toal and Emily Beth.

But yeah I think I’ve rambled on enough so I’ll leave you to get on with your lives.

Governors Meeting

Full Corporation Meeting

Well hello again!
This time we’re at the Full Corporation Governors meeting, both myself and Alishah attended.        
Full Corporation Meeting Agendas are always bigger than Committee Meeting Agendas!
When we arrived our clerk told us that our agenda item had been moved up to the first item of business. We were both at a little surprised about this but glad. Moving our agenda item up was actually suggested by a couple of the governors themselves so that our points could be discussed properly.
So after our update, the point that was discussed most, was the whole issue about students arriving on time and then it moved onto staff as well. Soon after our update we moved onto thinking of how to rebranding the college, should we change the image? Should we change the colour? Furthermore, the time of inspection was coming up. It was interesting to listen to all the effort that will be put into the inspection.
Overall it was a very interesting meeting, not everyone is in the ''know'' as Alishah and I are! Well worth staying to the end.


Governors Meeting

Mo attends Governors Committee
Meeting as he is a Student Governor

Blog for Resource Committee Meeting

First and foremost hello again all you lovely people viewing our blog and thank you. I attended the Resource Committee and as per usual there was a lot to discuss about. Talking about the pay outs by the college, the overall financial report of the year and what things aren’t considered as big pay outs as they have to be paid for otherwise students would lose out.