Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Governors Meeting

Full Corporation Meeting

Well hello again!
This time we’re at the Full Corporation Governors meeting, both myself and Alishah attended.        
Full Corporation Meeting Agendas are always bigger than Committee Meeting Agendas!
When we arrived our clerk told us that our agenda item had been moved up to the first item of business. We were both at a little surprised about this but glad. Moving our agenda item up was actually suggested by a couple of the governors themselves so that our points could be discussed properly.
So after our update, the point that was discussed most, was the whole issue about students arriving on time and then it moved onto staff as well. Soon after our update we moved onto thinking of how to rebranding the college, should we change the image? Should we change the colour? Furthermore, the time of inspection was coming up. It was interesting to listen to all the effort that will be put into the inspection.
Overall it was a very interesting meeting, not everyone is in the ''know'' as Alishah and I are! Well worth staying to the end.