Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hi Guys,

Just had a meeting with the Principal and Chief Executive of the College, Alun Francis, this is one of many regular meetings we’re going to have. The outcome of the meeting was great; five points were concluded and are going to be taken forward. The number one point being that we are to have a quick briefing of the agenda beforehand for Student Governor’s so that we have a better understanding of the meetings, and can have more input.

We discussed the charity/campaigns that we could support in academic year 2012/2013, such as the fight against human trafficking for example.

Then I brought up the idea of having mixed tutorials so that we could have different courses mixing together. This way all students will be able to work with other students who aren’t on their course. This joint working could be about new ideas, suggestions, shared practises and improved group work.

Alun made a great suggestion of having a sponsored obstacle course race at the start of academic year 2012/2013. This way we can raise money in a fantastic way for the college charity/campaign right at the start of the year.

The final point discussed was to make a regular meeting for a student from each class to meet with their Curriculum Leader. The Curriculum Leader will be able to provide an update for the student to feedback to other students, and for the student to make suggestions for improvements in their education.

It was a very positive meeting with Alun, which can lead to some exciting to developments. I look forward to the next one on Tuesday 29th May!

That’s it for now.

Student Rep Forum Meeting tomorrow!! J