Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oldham College Annual Awards Evening

Oldham College Awards Evening 
 Thursday 26th January, Oldham College Students, staff, proud parents and important guests
attend the Annual Awards Evening.

Alun Francis & Student Trophy Winners

 This was a great night for students of academic year 2011/2012 receive awards, prize's and trophies for their achievements on the courses that they studied at the college.

Deputy Mayor Olwen Chadderton,
Principal & Chief Executive Alun Francis
and Youth Mayor Chantel Birtwistle 

All Senior members of the college staff were present and prize winners were announced by the Director of each Directorate. Certificates and awards were handed to students by Chantel Birtwistle, Youth Mayor of Oldham.
Student Performance
Mo Paul & Gaynor Thorpe
Student Union Executives
It was an excellent night with three performance's from the Creative Industries department which included the Musical Theatre Students and Dance Students 1st & 2nd years, who closed the show with an exciting performance.

All of the staging, lighting, filming and pyrotechnics were run perfectly by students from the Creative Industries department. The whole night was an excellent for students to show parents and other guest what they have learnt and can do from the time at the college.

Mo and myself attended the evening, Mo as the Student Union President gave a vote of thanks, which meant he had to stand on the stand and address the audience - he was great. I made an appearance handing the Deputy Mayor and Youth Mayor some beautiful flowers in thanks for attending and presenting in the evening. It was a great event to attend and it was lovely to see students gain their awards with their parents and friend watching.