Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2012

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2012, people across the world will be choosing to make their voice heard by taking inspiration from the past. As part of your action for Speak Up, Speak Out you can make a pledge to challenge the language of hatred and commit to using words which reflect respect for the dignity of those around you.

The Pledge was made available in the Green Room, students and staffs were informed about the pledge through the all announcement system and emails. The pledge was made available from the Friday 27th January – Friday 10th February 2012.

The display consisted of Flowers and Candle display with the message ‘If you were to hold a minutes silence for every victim of the Holocaust you would have to remain silent for at least 3 years’.

Student Union President Mo, Signing the Pledge
A table for the pledge and a paper based version of the PowerPoint of the visit to Auschwitz, Poland, that two students experienced.

Luggage tags were hung detailing some the victims information that there are records for, the information included                        -Name, place of birth, age, place of death and if possible the year.

There was a PowerPoint presentation that showed the experience of the two students that visited Poland, Auschwitz.

The information was left up for students to see for a week and students asked about the memorial and the pictures that they had seen. The Memorial also coincided with two Saturday Skills days were parents received a presentation in the Green Room,  parents saw the memorial and some parents signed the pledge too. The pledges were sent to Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.