Monday, 19 December 2011

The Oldham College, Charity of the Year -
Dr Kershaw's Hospice.

     Dr Kershaw's Hospice was chosen by both Students and Staff, via online voting on Moodle.                                                                                                                                                                        Announcements were sent out to both students and staff to take part in the vote, student reps were also asked to let their classes know about the vote. Dr Kershaw’s won by 21 votes. Thank you for everyone who voted.

Information on Dr Kershaw’s Hospice
Dr Kershaw’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care for adults with non-curable life-threatening illnesses in a peaceful and homely environment with accommodation for 12 inpatients and 15 day care places. In addition it provides support for patient’s relatives and carers.
The medical and nursing staff are experienced in palliative medicine and are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of specialist nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, spiritual counsellors and bereavement support workers who assist in providing a seamless service for patients across hospital, community and hospice boundaries.
The Hospice requires £4,650 per day in order to continue providing care free of charge to patients