Thursday, 28 March 2013

History / Democracy / Filming / The Oscars

Yesterday we embarked on a whirlwind of activity; our first mission was to battle through the snow storms (in spring, seriously!) to make our way to the tram station. Once our group of Student Union and Student Reps had boarded the tram we started to wonder what the day may bring; we knew we were on our way to the People's History Museum in Manchester for a tour of democracy through the ages; but the afternoon 'secret mission' was yet to be revealed.

We arrived at the museum and started our tour, it was a fantastic experience, we did not realise how instrumental unions were in making many important changes happen for society. We also made full use of their fantastic range of props, the old style Co-Op is our new favourite shop!

After the tour it was time for our 'secret mission' and we were tasked with producing two 2 minute videos - one to promote the SU & Student Rep roles and the other to highlight the importance of taking part in surveys. It was a mad 50 minutes of filming to a tight deadline, and we ran riot using the museum as our backdrop. It was lots of fun and we managed to get it 'in the can' before lunch.
We were treated to a special premier of the finished films when we arrived back at College with 'Oscar' awards for best actor, best actress, most enthusiastic male & most enthusiastic female.

p.s. we have to give a special mention to Fathahul, for his bag carrying contribution on the day :-)