Friday, 27 January 2012

We made the Paper

Question & Answer session
with Local MP Debbie Abrahams
Our Q&A session made the Oldham Evening Chronicle, Thursday 26th January 2012.

For more information about the visit and additional pictures please see our Blog Post titled 'Oldham College Students meet Debbie Abrahams MP'

That's the second time this month that a member of the Oldham College Student Union has been in the local paper!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Oldham College Students meet Debbie Abrahams MP

The meeting with Debbie went very well, she was interested in all that we had to say and answered our questions.

 It was interesting to talk to an MP in a group setting like this, we found out a lot about Debbie's day to day life being an MP.

She is one very busy lady.

In the meeting we discussed student finance, university tuition fees, business and enterprise opportunities, youth employment and learner voice and student democracy.

Debbie thanked us for our time, as there were 34 students from different courses that attended. Debbie informed us that  we could contact her if we wished to discuss anything else that we might want to at a later date.  

We're in the advertiser!

Mo Paul and Gaynor Thorpe met with the Appeals Manager, Lisa Pearson from Dr Kershaw's Hospice to talk about some options and ideas of fund raising that The Oldham College can do to help support the charity.

We also were taken on a tour of the facility, we saw the craft area (which takes place on a Monday) the salon for residents and other areas such as the family kitchen, the faith room and bath facilities.

Lisa informed us that they its the smaller items that they need for example light weight white porcelain mugs, a water giza and teaspoons. As well as bigger items such as Specialist baths, provisions for the faith room.

There is also a requirement for volunteers who can help out, decorate a room or qualified hair dressers for the residents.

We had a lovely time visiting the hospice & can't wait to start fund raising!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Yesterday might have been blue monday but 8 Oldham College Students were able to take up NUS Extra's offer and got themselves an NUS Extra Discount Card for just £1 instead of £11!!!!

Well done them!

If you missed out you can purchase a NUS Extra Student Discount Card online at or from the Green Room onsite!!! All you need is a passport size photo and £11. (if you buy online you'll need a debit or credit card or buy on site and you can pay by cash)

Don't Miss out on great student savings!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

College Charity

Dr Kershaws Hospice visit Jan 2012

Today we (Mo Paul SU President & Gaynor Thorpe SU ) visited Dr Kershaw's Hospice and met with Lisa Pearson, Appeals Manager. We spent some time within the hospice, looking at what activities take part in the day centre, today's activities were craft activities which included painting, sewing, knitting and card making. Some of the day patients told us that painting is very therapeutic.

This bath costs £26,000!
We were shown some of the equipment that is needed here at the hospice. In the picture is a specially designed jacuzzi bath that patients are able to use, it opens from the side for easy access, there's a built in seat, and it can manoeuvre back and forth and up and down. These specialist bath benefit patients and staff from having to bend down too much.

Dr Kershaw's front reception desk has items with you can buy. Items include teddies (featured in the picture) calendars, awareness badges, knitted items and more.

There are lots of different things you can do to help Dr Kershaw's Hospice.
From fund raising activities, donating old mobile phones, coins, jewellery and printer cartridges to volunteering your time at the hospice, from taking part in activities, gardening and volunteering services such as Hair & Holistic service and so much more.

For more information or to register your interest in getting involved and helping out please see Kayleigh Collier or Jenny Bates in the Green Room

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Charity Fund raising

Children in Need 2011

The Students and Staff at The Oldham College raised £735.10 in a week long fund raising event that featured many activities.

Our certificate has finally arrived!!!!

However, some late fund raising money came through and this pushes up the total raised to £823.99!

Well Done Oldham College