Friday, 20 January 2012

We're in the advertiser!

Mo Paul and Gaynor Thorpe met with the Appeals Manager, Lisa Pearson from Dr Kershaw's Hospice to talk about some options and ideas of fund raising that The Oldham College can do to help support the charity.

We also were taken on a tour of the facility, we saw the craft area (which takes place on a Monday) the salon for residents and other areas such as the family kitchen, the faith room and bath facilities.

Lisa informed us that they its the smaller items that they need for example light weight white porcelain mugs, a water giza and teaspoons. As well as bigger items such as Specialist baths, provisions for the faith room.

There is also a requirement for volunteers who can help out, decorate a room or qualified hair dressers for the residents.

We had a lovely time visiting the hospice & can't wait to start fund raising!!