Monday, 18 June 2012

Student Union Elections for 2012/2013

Student Union Elections 2012/2013

So the union have been campaigning hard over the past couple of weeks and the results have been counted and finally announced!!!

Student Union Executive for 2012/2013 is.......

Gaynor Thorpe, from Creative Industries
Arslan Sabir, from Foundation Learning and Learner Entitlement
Kiran Khan, from Creative Industries
Steve Sutherland, from Care Leisure and Professional Services

Student Union President 2012/2013.....

Steve Sutherland, from Care leisure and professional services

Thank you to all the students that voted in the elections.
The current Student Union (2011/2012) will still be in place up the end of term, this is when Student Union 2012/2013 will take over. But up until then the Unions will work together, sharing their experience and ideas.

Congratulations to all candidates that took part in the elections!!!

(We're currently awaiting pictures of the new union - once we have them, they shall be uploaded so you can see your new Student Union 2012/2013)