Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Participation Celebration Event

Participation Celebration Event 2011/2012

This year participation event took place on Wednesday 13th June, the event is to award and thank students for their dedication over the academic year in a variety of activities. Students who were members of the Student Union, Student Representatives and Cross College Sports teams attended the event. Certificates, trophies, prize draws, pizza and pictures were taken, eaten and announced throughout the celebrations.
All the prize winners are identified in the table below.

Student Representative Commitment Award
Most attendance at meetings / focus groups etc.
Stephen Keatley- Painting and Decorating
Raian Alshare – Diploma in Business
Leading Learner in Learner Voice
Demonstration leadership skills, promoting learner voice across college & actively encouraging other learners to be involved in the learner voice process.
Mohetush Paul –Extended Dip Engineering

Right to be Heard Award
Raising valuable suggestions and working to achieve a suitable resolution.
Gaynor Thorpe – Diploma in digital design
Player of the Year – Football
Chosen by sports coach.
Craig Schumann –Dip in sport
Player of the Year – Netball
Chosen by sports coach.
Sophie Dawson- Cert in Airport and Travel Services
Player of the Year – Basketball
Chosen by sports coach.
Adam Weltz – Dip in engineering
Player of the Year – Cricket
Chosen by sports coach.
Season not yet finished.
Physical Activity Award
Learner who has shown a significant improvement in their sporting ability, dedication to the team and sportsmanship.
Callum Hey- Dip in brick work level 1

Congratulations to all students who have dedicated their time, energy and suggestions over the year.
See you next year

Oldham College Netball Team - Runners up

Adam Weltz - Physical Activity Award

Sophie Dawson - Netball Player of the Year

Callum Hey - Basketball Player of the Year

Steven Keatley - Student Rep Commitment Award

Gaynor Thorpe - Right to be Heard Award

Mo Paul - Leading Learner in Learner Voice Award

Raian Alshare - Student Rep Commitment Awards