Friday, 17 February 2012

Attendance & Punctuality

Start on Time - Be on Time
Mo with two of the lucky winners
Well a great start to the attendance competition in its first month.
We had well over 400 students who were dedicated enough to come in on time, early and ready for their lessons. There were many possible winners for the prize at the end of the month of January but we could only have four winners one from each directorate. They all had their picture taken as to show their achievement of a 100% attendance, hope to have many more people trying their best to improve their attendance and be in chance of winning the prize for this month.
A big well done to Lucy Gilbert from Creative Industries, Zenab Kayani-Deane from Enterprise and New Technologies, Ayesha Mukhter from Care, Leisure and Professional Services and last but not least Abdullahi Yusuf from Foundation Learning and Learner Entitlement.
Congratulations and keep early and on time J