Monday, 19 September 2011

College ID Checks

No ID!  No Entry
College ID Checks
Today we were involved in the first of the Student and Staff ID Checks.
Basically it's checking ID's and reporting those who do not have their ID's with them.

It may seem harsh but it is in aid of yours, students and staff safety. So it is well worth it.

We teamed up with College Security Team, and manned the refectory entrance asking students for ID's - it was hard work - as some students ignored us, but we persevered and made it through.

Many students did have their ID cards with them, they just didn't have them visible.
So we didn't have to report many students.

We also caught some staff members without their ID!!!!

Remember to wear your ID badges at all times on site.

Bye for now

Farzana & Alishah